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Louise Knight AdvDip,

M.Ed. PGCE, BA(Hons)

I was a teacher for many years and spent half my working life overseas in Scandinavia, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. I found the relationship aspect of teaching a very important part of successful learning for children and I have valued and enjoyed the opportunity to form professional and work relationships with adults, young people and children of many cultures. This love of connection and growth in relationship is what drew me to counselling.

I am especially interested in how our early attachment relationships and experiences in the family, in early care and in school, shape our attachment styles and how this impacts how we are in relationships and in the world throughout our lives.

I believe we are continuously shaped by our environment and our experiences. This is a hopeful perspective as it means we do not need to be forever defined by earlier adverse experiences or current concerns.

Online Therapy

We can choose whether we sit still in the boat and let the wind and waves take us where they will or we can choose to adjust the sails, maximise our comfort and determine our own direction. As a counsellor I can join you in the boat as a crew supporting you to navigate your journey. I can support you to explore the what and why of your struggles and through the therapeutic relationship you can develop self-awareness, resilience, self-compassion and skills - the inner resources you need to make positive change.

We live in a ‘medical model’ society. I understand how a mental health diagnosis can benefit the individual, but I am especially interested in the person behind the diagnosis. I am a Person Centred Counsellor who draws on other counselling modalities and life experience to create a tailor made therapeutic space for individual clients. We are all uniquely normal.

“Oh Louise, you really get my brain.” — Client, November 2023.

Counselling through the life stages

Parenting can be a joy and a challenge. Parents of babies, toddlers, children, pre-teens, teenagers and young adults all face difficulties, tensions and relentless pressure from society and themselves to get it right.

While Adolescence can be an exciting life phase with increasing independence and opportunities, it can also be a challenging one. Being a teenager can feel lonely, confusing, pressured, misunderstood… It is a time of turmoil for many and family, friend and peer relationships can become difficult.

Young adults have increasing responsibilities and decisions to make but sometimes feel ill-equipped to make them.

Talking to someone outside your immediate context, like a counsellor, can help you to explore your unique and complex challenges, find your agency within them, develop skills to navigate them and find ways to make change or to live with acceptance and peace. I have extensive experience supporting parents and young people to find inner calm and practical solutions.

I am based near Exeter in Devon.

Most sessions are held online via zoom which enables me to work with you whether you are in Plymouth, Exmouth, or anywhere in the world.

Get in touch

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about how counselling, coaching and mentoring works or to book an introductory session at half the usual price. Please message me via the form here or call on 07541857110.

An introductory session enables us to discuss the reasons you are thinking of coming to counselling, whether it could be helpful for you and whether I am the right therapist to help.

Research suggests that online counselling is equivalent to face to face counselling in terms of building a therapeutic relationship and counselling outcomes. Its flexibility in terms of location means fewer sessions need to be cancelled by counsellor or client and of course travelling time for the client is eliminated meaning your 50 minute session does not actually take 2 hours for example.

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