Collaborative Behaviour Change

Coaching and Workshops for Parents and Teachers.

For both the Parent and Teacher Workshops and coaching, I draw on my training in international schools and experience in implementing behaviour policies and approaches that are rooted in a belief in the person centred approach in education, in counselling and in life. The CBC approach works to improve adult/child and child/child relations in school and in families.

The person centred approach views every individual as unique and valuable so it works for everyone regardless of age, socio/economic background, ethnicity, culture, religion, gender, learning or physical needs or mental health diagnosis.

Collaborative behaviour change is an approach for all parents and educators who have noticed that reward/punishment programmes as well as permissive or authoritative approaches do not work in terms of long term sustainable behaviour change, and are interested in exploring an alternative approach that supports adults to connect with children, to help them become intrinsically motivated to meet behaviour expectations. When behaviour doesn’t meet expectations, adult/child and child/child relationships suffer and learning suffers.

Behaviour and feelings are inextricably linked. Learn how to recognise the feelings behind the behaviours of the children you work with and parent, understand the goals that drive those behaviours and how to help children make long term sustainable changes. As a parent or educator you can help children learn how to get their needs met in a socially constructive way and enjoy a happier home or a more fruitful learning environment.

Collaborative behaviour change is based on the Person Centred approach to learning and counselling. It draws on our innate desires to belong, to thrive and to find meaning. This is not a programme, it is an approach guided by core principles. The principles form the foundation of the relationships within which children feel motivated to make responsible choices.

Learn why traditional reward and punishment programmes don’t work - how they are not only ineffective but actually harmful. Collaborative behaviour change supports adults to support children to feel capable, confident, loved and significant.

Collaborative Behaviour Change Workshops and Coaching:

6 x 2 hour weekly sessions (parent w/s)

2 x half day sessions (parent or teacher w/s)

Groups comprise 4 to 8 parents or teachers/LSAs at £140 per person.

Workshops take place online.

Post workshop mentoring/coaching can be arranged and is charged at the normal rate £45 per 50 minute session.

Individual coaching for parents and teachers is online and is £45 for a 50 minute session. First session is half price and there is no obligation to continue.

Weekly or fortnightly appointments available.

Get in touch

Please get in touch if you would like to find out more about parent or teacher workshops or coaching or to discuss arranging a workshop for your group. You can also call me on 07541857110 if you would prefer to leave a message or speak to me first.

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