Welcome to the blog section of my website.

My aim here is to add entries that clarify commonly used psycho-speak, offer information around mental health and wellbeing, and provoke thinking and discussion around those topics.

Some mental health related terminology has come to be used so liberally that its meaning is often diminished, devalued and misapplied. Of course language evolves and sometimes vocabulary comes to mean something entirely opposite to its original use. As this happens we need to find new vocabulary to describe the original concepts. I aim to keep abreast of current common use as well as how terminology is used in the research literature in order to be clear in the messages I am intending to put across.

There are many publications, books and articles written about almost any aspect of mental health. I read continuously and attend CPD as required by the NCPS (my professional body). I will attempt to summarise key points from my reading and other learning and point website visitors to experts, authors and material I have found interesting and valuable.

By offering my own thoughts, questions and perspectives on mental health and wellbeing issues, I hope to provoke others to think more broadly or deeply about issues we sometimes take for granted - and share and discuss their thinking with yet more others.

I welcome comments on my posts or suggestions for new posts at my email: louiseknightcounselling@gmail.com.

©Louise Knight

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